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Contact us for custom functional lipid synthesis or purchase our high quality mycobacterium tuberculosis lipids.

Lipid Knowledge is an innovative contract research partner based in the Netherlands. Contact us to meet your objectives in compound research and development.

What we can do for you

  • Conducting compound research in organic and medicinal chemistry
  • Finding the right synthetic paths
  • Implementing the right processes in your research and development projects
  • Obtaining the molecules (e.g., fatty acids and glycolipids) you need to conduct your research

Our Contract Research Services

With our team of skilled experts, we fully adapt to each project and bring focused support that meets our clients’ needs in order to deliver uncompromised quality synthetic material.

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Our Contract Research Services include:


Synthesis of enantiopure lipids


Milligram to multigram scale


Functionalized natural products for surface chemistry

About Us

Lipid Knowledge is an innovative custom synthesis company based in the Netherlands, engaged in synthetic and analytical contract services, specializing in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry. Our aim is to expertly research the right synthetic paths and implement the right processes to help our clients meet their objectives in the process of compound research and development.

As our client, you can depend on the highest degree of involvement of our team – within a clear and collaborative framework – to guarantee the excellence you require during your research.

Lipid Knowledge was founded as a partnership between the University of Groningen, Prof. dr. A.J. Minnaard and SPR Instruments to develop and produce biologically active molecules.

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Tuberculosis outer membrane lipids (web store)

In our web store, you can find a variety of functional mycobacterium tuberculosis lipids, mainly complex fatty acids and glycolipids.

In close collaboration with the University of Groningen, we have greatly contributed to new ways of detecting and preventing tuberculosis in past years. During this process, an extensive library of tuberculosis-relevant precursors and agents have been synthesized, and a selection of these molecules is available to use for research purposes, either as is or with further modification.

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methoxy Mycolic Acid
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