About Us

Lipid Knowledge is an innovative custom synthesis company engaged in synthetic and analytical contract services, specializing in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry. Our aim is to expertly research the right synthetic paths and implement the right processes to help our clients meet their objectives in the process of compound research and development.

As our client, you can depend on the highest degree of involvement of our team – within a clear and collaborative framework – to guarantee the excellence you require during your research.


Located in the Netherlands

Our small but experienced team is based in Groningen, Nijmegen and Leusden in the Netherlands. From these locations, we assist clients all over the world with their compound research and development.

Knowledge of lipids and speed sets us apart from other companies

Our team’s high-quality expertise in the development of fatty acids and glycolipids regularly attracts clients that require advanced problem-solving skills in the field of lipid chemistry. As a result, we have the expertise required to assist you with complex challenges in this field.

In addition, we fully adapt to the unique needs of your project to ensure that you meet your objectives. We work with you in a clear and collaborative way to ensure that we fully understand your goals and to ensure that we deliver excellent results every time.

Our contributions to your projects fall into two broad categories, which you can discover via the links below:

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