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What we do

From micro to multigram scales, we tackle challenging demands and explore the most effective possibilities for our clients in the process of chemical research and development.

As a custom synthesis company, we offer synthetic and analytical contract services, specializing in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry. Not only do we offer the highest quality synthetic skills to clients with established synthetic routes, but we are also developing new synthetic routes to enable our clients to take their research to the next level.

The lipids we can make and have experience with

          Fatty acyls (fatty acids, such as Mycolic Acid)

          Glyerolipids (based on glycerol)

          Glycerophospholipids (glycerol based phospholipids)

          Sphingolipids (lipids containing a backbone of sphingoid bases – aliphatic amino alcohols including sphingosine)

          Sterol Lipids (Steroid-type lipids)

          Prenol Lipids (based on isoprene units. Often referred to as terpenes, such as TbAd)

          Saccharolipids (Although they are not the exact same, the term glycolipids is used often in literature. They are fatty acids linked directly to one or multiple sugar units, such as DAT, Ac2SGL, TDM and MPM. You could make further subdomains here based on their structure and whether they have a phosphate or a sulfate: sulfoglycolipid, phosphoglycolipid)


          Polyketides (very broad class of naturally occurring lipids derived from condensation of ketoacyl subunits. MPM is a saccherolipid, but also has a polyketide origin)

Our Contract Research Services include:

  • Synthesis of complex natural products and libraries of analogues, synthetic glycolipids, sulfolipids and phospholipids
  • Design and optimization of synthetic routes 
  • Scaling synthetic routes from milligram to multigram scales
  • Handling of (pyrophoric) organometallic reagents such as organolithium, Grignard and organozinc reagents
  • A wide range of carbon-carbon bond formation reactions such as olefinations, aldol reactions and cross-couplings
  • Olefinations such as Wittig, Horner-Wadworth-Emmons and Julia-Kociensky reactions
  • Asymmetric transformations, using both chiral pool and enantioselective catalysis
  • Transition metal catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
  • Variety of oxidations such as Swern, Pinnick, Ley-Griffith and Parikh-Doering
  • Hydrogenations using palladium, platinum or rhodium catalysts
  • Separation techniques such as column chromatography, crystallization and distillation
  • High quality analysis using NMR, HPLC and HRMS
  • Diagnostic assay development
  • Lipid assay development
  • SPR analysis

Why work with us?

With our team of skilled experts, we fully adapt to each project and bring focused support that meets your needs in order to deliver uncompromised quality synthetic material.

Our approach is centered on understanding your needs to perfect operational, scientific, and regulatory precision. We work with you in a clear, collaborative way to ensure that you meet your objectives in compound research and development.

From our locations in Groningen and Nijmegen, we serve you with creative and adaptive problem-solving skills with our small but experienced team. We actively cultivate a professional mindset, and each team member brings excellent expertise in discovery and development chemistry.

When you work with us, you are assured that we deliver our best work every time to ensure that you achieve your compound research objectives.

Want to know more about what we can do for you with our Contract Research Services?

Send an email to and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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